What is Connect 4 Cancer?


Gabrielle Waslewski , Writer

Connect 4 Cancer is back for its fifth year as a club. Almost everyone has been affected by cancer and this club allows you to help fundraise through community events.

Connect 4 Cancer is a club that is in many schools throughout the nation. The club was started in an effort to provide the younger generation with a voice in the cancer community. The club was originally brought to Franklin High School in 2016 by two girls who just recently graduated. Seniors, Sophie Papa and Lindsey McLaughlin are co-presidents, while juniors Lilah Delbou and Katie Garrigan are Vice President and Secretary.  

Connect 4 Cancer participates in many different fundraising events including the Making Strides walk for breast cancer and Relay For Life which benefits the American Cancer Society. The club in past years has made cards for children in hospitals and gone to the Hope Lodge in Boston, where they visited with and made dinner for cancer patients. 

In addition to fundraising directly through these organizations, the club also hosts separate fundraising nights such as Chipotle fundraisers where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity of the club’s choice. 

According to junior, Lilah Delbou, students should join Connect 4 Cancer because of the incredible community outreach and all of the fundraising makes you feel that you are making an impact on putting a stop to this terrible disease. You can get involved in this club by joining the Google classroom with code “ap12o7” or by following them on Twitter @fhs_c4c where they will be updating frequently with their meeting times and event schedule.

The club meets on Tuesdays in room 218, but they don’t meet every Tuesday so be sure to join the classroom or follow their Twitter.