Environmental Investigations: What’s Next?


Elise Ravech

After reading the environmental series brought to you by pantherbook, the thought is now is what can I do to help? Mr. Peri gives his opinion on what FHS should improve upon.  

On a scale of 1-10 Mr. Peri rates our school an eight. He touches upon the fact of how rain water is used in all of the bathrooms in FHS.

“It is very hard with 2000 students coming in and out creating tons of waste each and everyday,” explains Mr. Peri. 

FHS should consider gaining more education on environmental awareness because it will all benefit us given the society we live in today.

He states, “Our society and the world in general needs more education, especially the younger generations.”

Joining the Green Team is certainly an option, as they are all about saving our Earth. Mr. Peri also emphasizes the fact that we have an amazing green room on the third floor, but there definitely needs to be more use of it than we are currently doing.

“I do have experience with this as Remington did it however it does increase the water usage and therefore electricity. So it is a tough trade off because are the benefits better?” said Mr. Peri when asked his thoughts on reusable lunch trays compared to the plastic ones, we throw away day in and day out. This is a controversial topic between many schools. 

Personally, Mr. Peri believes we should add more reusable water stands in our school, therefore helping more and more people to get a reusable water rather than a plastic one.

He adds, “Recycle every chance you get because everyone’s environmental foot can change drastically for the better.”