Music for All- Unified Music Club


Members of Unified Music gather for a group photo

Samantha Bilello

Come to Unified Music Club for a friendly environment where you can play and sing along to your favorite songs. 

Unified Music meets every Friday right after school in the band room, which is room 131 and is located right outside the cafeteria. This club is open to anyone and everyone; music experience is NOT necessary! Click here for their twitter page with upcoming dates. 

During rehearsals, you have the choice to play many instruments, including drums, tambourines, ukuleles, and more. The group then picks a song and plays along to the guitar. If, you’d rather just use your voice, feel free to sing along. 

The story of Unified Music Club starts over a summer where Max was invited to bring his guitar to play music for some students. Additionally, he brought along some percussion instruments so that everyone could participate. 

“Some of the kids had a hard time communicating as most people do, but when they were playing along with the music, it was almost like you knew exactly how they were feeling.” -Max Allard 

This inspired Max to start Franklin High’s Unified Music Club. This unique club helps bring everyone together through the power and fun of music.

Max hopes for Unified Music Club to eventually write their own song and make a music video. The club is also planning on playing the national anthem at one of the basketball games, as well as having a concert at the end of the year.