NAHS Art Auction 2020

Emma Nicholson, Writer

The National Art Honors Society has extended the deadline for their second-annual online art auction. The art auction is done digitally and features artwork by members of the society. Bids can now be placed through this website until April 5th:

Members of NAHS have been working hard on their projects over the past year. The auction features everything from 2D paintings and photographs, to 3D clay sculptures and quilts.

Ryan Depaolo, the president of National Art Honors Society, is looking forward to another year presenting the artwork of the society. “Last year’s art auction was such a great success and I am so happy that we are able to do it again. Everyone in the society worked so hard on their pieces and created some really unique art,” she says.

Here are some images of artwork that are featured in this year’s art auction:

Senior Jackie Forcina’s painting, titled “Day on the Lake.”
Senior Sarah Spanek’s painting titled “Winter Cardinals.”
Handmade jewelry by senior Sophie David, titled “Waterfall.”
Pottery made by juniors Kashish Singh and Myranda O’Brien.

The art auction will be taking live bids up to April 5th. You may bid on as many items as many times as you would like during this time period. Once the auction closes, the highest bidder will be contacted with information regarding payment and pickup times. All proceeds made will go to NAHS to fund future events.

“I hope, despite the Coronavirus insanity, that the community is able to come together to support the arts and all of the talented students in the society,” says NAHS president Ryan Depaolo.

Consider placing a bid to support all of the amazing work done by the artists of Franklin High School!