Meet FHS’s Newest Club: Red Cross Club


Anika Patchala, Writer

Are you a student looking for more volunteer hours? The Red Cross club at FHS is offering all club members community service hours for any time they commit to the club. This includes club meetings, events, service projects, etc. Members will be automatically registered as Red Cross volunteers. The club is an extension of the American Red Cross organization. The overall goal is to complete five total community service projects for this year. We have already had our first two meetings, but all FHS students are welcome anytime.

What is the American Red Cross? The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency services, disaster relief, education, and overall alleviates human suffering. The Red Cross core services include providing lifesaving blood and blood products, delivering education programs that promote health and safety, supporting military members and their families, and offering international relief and development programs. The Red Cross is largely powered by its volunteers, who make up 90% of the organization’s workforce.

The Red Cross club will include many opportunities including leadership conferences and guest speakers. Club members are expected to regularly attend meetings and participate in club events. Members will be responsible for logging their own hours. The Red Cross club will be meeting virtually every week on Wednesdays at 2:20pm. The next meeting is scheduled for December 2nd. If you are interested in joining, the Google Classroom code is 4uonujy. All future information will be posted there.


Leadership Positions:

President: Aishwarya Prakki ([email protected])

Vice President: Anika Patchala ([email protected])

Marketing Director: Amulya Chirravuri

Officer: Kianna Thomas

Officer: Georgia Harvey

Officer: Tanaya Bhatt

Officer: Aislinn Lavery

Officer: Faith Ellin

Advisor: Mr. Bailey

More officer positions may be available as the year goes on.

Please email Aishwarya and I with any questions you may have. The Google Classroom invite link is attached below. We hope to hear from you! 

Instagram: @fhs_red_cross_