FHS Chorus and Orchestra Comes Back Brilliantly

FHS Chorus and Orchestra Comes Back Brilliantly

Arianne Moelders, Writer

On December 7th, FHS had one part of their annual winter concert, where both the symphony and the string orchestra along with the chorus were all showcased. 

One member of the symphony orchestra, Daniel Vaccarezza who plays oboe, when asked about the concert itself and what he played in, responded that while other members of the orchestra played more pieces he was only in Sleigh Ride.

During Sleigh Ride, Danny also said, “There weren’t solo solos but there were section solos, and brass stood up at one point and played a section of Sleigh Ride that was jazzy and it added to the piece a lot.”

Being their first concert back after COVID, when asked what he believed went best, Danny responded: “It was our first concert in over a year and I really liked how the chorus was able to sing with us. I think we were all able to work together and put everything together even with restrictions and I had a lot of people there supporting me.”

The Orchestra also played Beethoven’s 5th Symphony which Danny mentioned was one of his personal favorites, as he was in the middle of the orchestra while they were playing and was fully immersed in the piece. 

Overall, Danny said that he thought the concert was amazing especially being back after a year and there wasn’t much wrong.

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