Growing Franklin High School’s Greenhouse

Kianna Thomas , Writer

Franklin High School students lend out a helping hand as a renovation project is in the works. Green Team and Diversity Awareness Club are collaborating in an effort to grow certain crops that aid immigrant families in their transition to the United States.

In a prodigious community like Franklin, it is inevitable to meet a new face everyday. This past year, our community has welcomed new faces from all over the world. These individuals have left their family, home, and friends in order to seek better opportunities

Due to leaving so much behind, it is easy to lose aspects of one’s ethnic culture. Today, many Franklin residents struggle to adapt to an American diet as they are unable to plant or buy certain produce in New England weather. 

Maddie Michenzie, junior at Franklin High School, and President of Green Team said the current greenhouse is built on the side of the school that receives the least amount of sunlight. In moving the location of the greenhouse and adding certain equipment such as hydroponic lights, controlled air, and heating, students are able to grow produce that can bring a piece of home to immigrant families. 

The clubs are currently planning a pottery paint night around Mother’s day to raise money for the greenhouse renovation. Students can participate by joining Diversity Awareness Club and Green Team’s combined meeting March 15th in project room 250. Michenzie said anyone who wants to volunteer and is passionate about this project can help, not only members of the club.