Senior Projects: Ben Taylor Learns Strength & Conditioning with TB12


FHS Senior Ben Taylor running Cross-Country for Franklin. Taylor will continue learning about Strength and Conditioning through a Senior Project at TB12. (with permission from Taylor)

Ryan Martin, Writer

He may have broken our New England hearts, but even though Tom Brady’s entering his third season a Tampa Bay Buccaneer, his presence locally continues to be felt.

One of Brady’s biggest legacies in Foxboro continues to be the work done by his co-founded health and wellness brand, TB12. While many think of “pliability” or “avocado ice cream” when TB12 comes to mind, the brand serves a different purpose for FHS Senior Ben Taylor. An aspiring Strength and Conditioning Coach, Taylor’s Senior Project/internship at TB12 this Spring will lay the groundwork for his young career.

Founded in 2013, TB12 was created to share Brady’s longevity-based approach to training with a public audience: those looking to maintain their bodies like the 44-year-old Quarterback. At the time, the brand started as a little training center in the middle of Patriot Place geared for guinea pigs of the company to come to learn about and experiment with a new approach to traditional training.

Since then, TB12 has expanded to 12 locations, with planning in the works to take the brand global. The growth of the brand includes offering a wide range of nutrition products, training equipment, and apparel to go along with their group and private TB12-based training sessions taught by “body coaches”.

Tom Brady with Alex Guerrero, partner and co-founder of TB12. (via Front Office Sports)

In addition, TB12 also offers trained dieticians who echo the nutritional advice Brady offers in his #1 NYT Bestseller: The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. All of this excited Taylor, and made TB12 an ideal place to look for his Senior Project.

Taylor’s interest in Strength and Conditioning came from his personal love for weight lifting while taking classes like Exercise Physiology, Speed and Strength, and Kinesiology here at FHS.

Inspired, Taylor set up an internship with TB12 for his Senior Project to expand his knowledge of the S&C world.

Taylor will be shadowing one of the body coaches at TB12, and is looking forward to “absorbing really any information that [he] can from the experience”.

Working with a world-renowned health and wellness brand offers Taylor “a great chance to learn, network, and gain experience in the training field that really interests [him]” as he works with the forward-thinking company.

And, for those wondering, Taylor is willing to join in on the avocado ice cream craze: “I haven’t had it yet but if I get the chance I definitely want to try it!”

This fall, Taylor will be studying Exercise Physiology at Brigham Young University-Idaho after wrapping up his senior year at Franklin and completing his internship at TB12. Good luck with everything, Ben!