A Film Festival at FHS?!?!

Mr. Bailey


Mr. Bailey

Amanda Wylie, a senior at FHS, stars in a thrilling sci-fi short film.

Grace Tucceri, Writer

Do you want to attend a real film festival held right here at FHS? Well, you’re in luck! On Thursday May 19th, the annual festival makes a return. It will be held in the auditorium and starts at 6:00 PM. Even better, admission is completely free! That’s right… FHS students and teachers can go to the movies for FREE! 

The feature presentation is the world premiere of Solar, a 25 minute short film produced by Mr. Bailey’s film production class. The story plays homage to Alien, Ridley Scott’s 1979 blockbuster. Students wrote, edited, filmed, and even acted on screen. Check out the exclusive clip shown above!

“It was very fun to work on it,” says sophomore Nick Houghton. “We worked well together as a class, too.”

Also, many student creations will be showcased, ranging from upbeat music videos to terrifying horror movies. You don’t want to miss it!