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Isabella Trull, Writer

Have you ever wondered how all the laws of this country become laws? Have you ever disagreed with them or thought there should be a law in place but there wasn’t? If so, Model Congress is a great club to learn about how legislation is made and to experience the process of creating a bill on your own.

Image via Model Congress staff.

Just like the United States Government, all laws must start as bills and pass through Congress to become official legislation. In Model Congress, you will write a bill about a topic you are interested in and hope to get selected for the conference later in the year. Every year, the club attends a conference where Model Congress clubs from other schools present bills. Each bill is assigned to a committee where it is voted on by others.

Last year, nine of the ten Franklin-sponsored bills passed through the committee stage. In addition to writing and presenting a bill, you will learn about parliamentary procedure in the club. This is a system of rules used in real-life Congress. You will use these rules at the conference and have a chance to take part in the many roles of parliament. You may have a chance to argue for or against a bill presented by another group or you may just take part in the voting of the bill. Either way, you will be able to get a real feel for the goings-on of Congress and legislation.

Currently, the officers are Amelia Piercy as President, Grace Geoghegan, Andrew Nicholson, and Izzy Trull as Vice Presidents. The club advisor is Mr. Perkins.  If you are interested in joining Model Congress, the first meeting is on September 27 from 2:15-3:00 in room 227.

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