FHS Music Keeps it D1

Henry Atwell, Writer

Music Teachers Mr. Wall and Ms. Rudsit have planned many new and returning musical events for 2015.

For starters, The Open Mic Nights are returning. “We have 5 more Open Mic Nights Scheduled so far this year,” says Mr. Wall. “In addition, we are thinking of adding some new events with the TV club.” This implies televised concerts that are filmed as well as different musical events.

Along with the regular Concerts held by the Chorus, Concert Band, Orchestra, Select Chorus, Jazz Band, etc. the FHS Music department is planning on a great year for high school music.

Of course the teachers are excited. I asked band student Adam Burnes about what he thought about the upcoming year in terms of band. “Not much has changed over 4 years, it’s always been consistently fun.”

The Music Production Club has become more popular this year seeing a large increase in members from last year to this year. Now anyone can go into the club and record any music you want.