Undercover Artist-Emma Newton

High School sophomore Emma Newton performs Chopin piece for the FHS inauguration.

Riley Halliday

“I started playing the piano when I was about four.” Shares fellow junior and aspiring musician, Emma Newton.

Many of us can only dream of knowing our calling in life at the mere age of four, but for Emma, that was just the beginning.

“My interests grew significantly a few years later when I discovered my love for writing music” says Newton, later adding that songwriting has grown to be one of her greatest passions.

So, what got Newton interested in music?

“What inspires me to continue is how powerful music can be” says Newton, ‘‘the impact that music has on people and that is has on myself and my views on the world is what really drives me to keep going”.  With an answer like that, it’s no question that Emma is a talented lyricist.

Make sure to look out for this artists name in the future, whether it be on the radio or the Grammy’s, because Newton definitely plans on continuing with music in the future.

“I plan to study music production and technology in college, and hope to work with other artists to achieve their unique sound”, says Emma. Her dreams don’t stop there, Newton also dreams of making performing her full time job, hopefully in collaboration with other musicians.  

Newton credits much of her passion to her great grandmother. “She was a fantastic pianist and, from the start, always encouraged me to pursue my dreams” says Emma. This undercover artist has fallen nothing short of pursuing her dreams, check out her soundcloud for more.