Gathering Blue Reaches Semi-Finals


Riley Halliday

Reason to celebrate at Drama Fest

Riley Halliday

Over the weekend, FHS’ Drama Club put on their performance of Gathering Blue at the annual Drama Fest, held this year at Attleboro High School.

The day started at 7 in the morning when FHS drama club members boarded the bus. Although all were exhausted, cast and crew were nervous and excited to perform the first show of the day.  

Once they arrived at the high school, it was immediately time to get into costumes and makeup. An hour later the FHS students of drama club had been transformed into post-apocalyptic characters.

For those who have never been to a dramafest, the day consists of eight performances from eight different schools. Each play must be no longer than 40 minutes, and any play that goes over is disqualified. The plays are reviewed by judges throughout the day.

“Dramafest is more than a competition; it’s an awesome opportunity to meet people and see the culmination of everyone’s hard work.” Says Melissa Reinertson who plays Kira in Gathering Blue.

The play went smoothly, stayed within the time limit, and followed the script. Now it was time to sit back and enjoy the next seven shows of the day.

By nine o’clock pm it was time to give out awards and announce the qualifying schools. Lead, Kira, played by senior Melissa Reinertson, won an acting award, while the crew was awarded excellence in sound and set design.

Finally the judges revealed the plays who would move onto semi-finals. Along with Mansfield, and Sharon High School, Franklin High’s Gathering Blue will be performing at Drama Fest semi-finals.

The performance will be held on Saturday March 18, be sure congratulate cast and crew members and wish them good luck as they head towards finals.