Inside the Franklin Arts Academy

Katherine Woislaw, Writer and Photojournalist

While the Franklin Arts Academy (FAA) is a fixture of life at Franklin High, the full purpose still remains shrouded in mystery to most students.

The purpose of the FAA, according to FAA instructor Ms. Taranto, is to “provide a different learning opportunity…so students get to show their understanding of the course materials through projects, whether its a visual project, or doing things with music, theatrical things, all different types of art mediums.”

Likewise, students who enjoy projects will thrive in the FAA, as the FAA is a project-based learning track. But, while the FAA is billed as an arts-based course, that is not all it has to offer. The majority of FAA students do not go on to lead arts-based careers, instead using and applying the creative techniques and knowledge into many different careers.

The FAA also helps students succeed in classes they don’t normally enjoy. With each class adding an artistic and project-based element, it means that there is enjoyability in all classes. It also allows for a greater flexibility in showing knowledge in subjects, with the projects taking away the stress usually associated with assessments.

The FAA is also highly regarded by the students who participate in it.

Sarah Kane, a Senior who joined the FAA during her sophomore year due to her love of art, stated that if given the chance, she would join the FAA again, and that  “[the FAA is] a very good environment for learning and growing.” She also highly recommended the program to younger students.

To apply to the FAA, students must complete a short essay and obtain three teacher recommendations. One is from Guidance, the other from an academic teacher, and the other from an art teacher. Applications are due by Feb. 8th and are to be submitted to guidance. Blank application forms can be found HERE.

Any further questions regarding the FAA can be sent to Ms. Tebbetts, Ms. Taranto, or Ms. Hoffenberg.