Audition for a New Talent Agency Opening in Franklin


Franklin-based photographer Paul Vicario sits down in his studio for an interview.

Amanda Wylie, Writer/Producer

A talent agency, Dynasty Models and Talent, is opening soon in downtown Franklin. If you have always wanted to pursue acting or modeling, now is your chance.

First of all, what is an agency? For those serious about the entertainment industry, having an agent is essential. An agency is a company, usually with multiple agents, that represents actors. Agents receive casting information from casting directors and submit the actors that best match the breakdown of the character. Then, casting directors choose which of the submitted actors should be brought in for an audition.

Kristen Reidt, mother of two child actresses, states, “Having an agent is almost a requirement, particularly if you are interested in on-camera work. You will get the opportunity to audition for things that you didn’t even realize were out there. Of course, the hardest part of entering the acting business is finding an agent who is willing to invest their time by signing you.”

It is unusual that Dynasty is opening a branch in Franklin, as most agencies are located in large performing hubs such as New York or Los Angeles. Recently, Boston has become a major player in the film and television industries, with a new casting company and agencies popping up all around the city. There has never been a better time for Massachusetts performers to begin their careers.

Dynasty already has a branch in Boston, so the addition of a second location highlights the fact that their clients must be in high demand. Of course, a new location means more talent is needed to fill the roster. Dynasty has made this clear through several Instagram posts stating that they are looking to book appointments with new talent.

If you are already eager to schedule a meeting, hold on; there are a few important steps you need to take beforehand. Every actor or model needs a headshot. It is their calling card and showing up without one to an audition or a meeting with an agency is considered very unprofessional.

Professional photographer Paul Vicario notes, “The reality is: a professional person needs a professional portrait.”

See the full video interview with Vicario below to learn more about headshots:


The back of your headshot should display your resume. It is fine if you do not have any professional credits. Instead, high school productions and any classes you have taken pertaining to the industry can be listed. Make sure to also include basic statistics about yourself such as height, weight, clothing size, shoe size, and birth date. If you are hoping to model, there are many additional measurements you should know.

Dynasty has open calls for ages 3-15 every first Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM and every third Saturday at noon. For ages 16 and up, open calls are held every second Wednesday of the month at 4:00 PM and every third Saturday at 1:00PM. Click here for more information.

Also, be sure to follow Dynasty on Instagram for more updates on the Franklin location. They have two accounts: @dynastymodelsinc and @dynastykids.

Don’t let your chance slip away! The time is now to take your first step towards an acting or modeling career.

The younger you are, the better, since most teenage characters are played by adults. It is particularly hard for those aged 13 to 17 to break into the business, as roles are more scarce and competition is higher. However, if you can make it, it is a testament to your talent and will be extremely rewarding. Good luck!