There for the Faire: A Look at King Richard’s Faire


Isabel Guilmette, Writer

Ever wanted to party like it’s 1582? Look no further than King Richard’s Faire! This is a local renaissance fair located in Carver, Massachusetts, about an hour away from Franklin. The Faire, which has been operating for over forty years, transports its guests to a sixteenth-century marketplace, complete with artisans, a food market and three different swordsmiths.

The Faire also has several stages for different performances, all of which perform throughout the day. Of these performances, there is an aerialist act, a musical featuring King Richard and Queen Anne themselves, and a jousting tournament- complete with horses, lances, and real swords.

 Rachel Grome, who attended the Faire recently, was impressed by the joust and the painstaking realism that went into it.

 “I didn’t expect the joust to be so believable, but it was,” she said. “I was impressed by how well choreographed the fights were.”  The joust, which was split into two parts, was acted out by well-trained actors and fighters and included it’s own murder mystery storyline.

So why go? For Ari Delosreyes-White, It’s an opportunity to meet other like-minded people.

“I’m really into stuff like dungeons and dragons, so things like the Faire are a really great way to be around other people who think like me,” he said.

King Richard’s Faire runs every weekend from mid-August to Mid October. Tickets to the Faire are 17 dollars for children, and 34 for adults. For more information on the schedule, and to look at a map of the Faire grounds, check out the official King Richard’s Faire website.