Shoes of the Future

Dandi McDonnell, Writer

Hip-hop star Swae Lee and designer Giuseppe Zanotti have teamed up to create the future of men’s footwear. Their limited edition collection includes canvas boots, suede loafers, and sneakers all decorated with glitter, embroidery, and floral patterns. 

Swae Lee is most commonly known for being a part of the duo Rae Sremmurd with his brother Slim Jxmmi. The two have made multiple hits including “No Flex Zone” and “Black Beetles” which created the viral video trend: the Mannequin Challenge. 

In the past, Swae Lee has worked with Reebok and ASOS, and his new project with Zanotti has fully entered him into the fashion world. 

Giuseppe Zanotti is an Italian fashion designer who has worked with artists in the past like Kanye West and Beyonce. 

Zanotti explained in an interview with Footwear News that Swae Lee embodies the new generation of fashion very well. Swae Lee’s style, attitude, and energy was something new and different for Zanotti, but ultimately created the perfect partnership. 

Swae Lee is not afraid to be different and that is reflected in his red-carpet looks. His collection aims to create a new normal for fashion, which goes against gender stereotypes. Swae Lee and Zanotti are encouraging people to be bold, flashy, and creative.

“In this moment in time, there’s no more gender. There’s no sneaker for men or women. It’s the same. This collection is feminine but masculine in a different way. Welcome to the present.” Zanotti said to FN.

Students around Franklin High School found the shoes to be very feminine but still had positive feedback. One student said they could picture boys wearing these shoes to prom! Would you wear something from this collection?