Grammys 2021: A Brutally Honest Review


Grace Tucceri

The 2021 edition of The Grammys was filled with surprises, both good and bad.

Are The Grammys a joke now? Mostly. 

Before I go on and bash some parts of this year’s famous award ceremony, I’d like to point out a few positives below:

Opening PerformanceHarry Styles? A fabulous green scarf? Watermelon Sugar? Yes please!

Mr. Styles brought lots of energy! (Grace Tucceri)

Billie is Back – Even though I’m not a big fan of hers, Billie’s (and FINNEAS’s!) performance was “Everything I Wanted”. The vocals were spot-on and the foggy car set was unique. 

Billie won big in 2020. (Grace Tucceri)

Hosting EffortsTrevor Noah did not drag down the show. His quick-witted lines felt natural and were not too corny.

A solid host. (Creative Commons)

Taylor Swift – Her medley was whimsical and the “Album of the Year” win was well deserved! Plus, did you catch the “Easter Egg” in her speech, Swifties?

“Cardigan”, “August”, AND “Willow”? What a setlist! (Grace Tucceri)

And that’s about it. Here’s everything else that was either stupid, a complete disaster, or corrupt:

Snubbing The Weeknd – Seriously, how on Earth can someone with numerous hits from the past year not even score a single nomination? The Weeknd will not allow his team to submit his music for the awards ever again. Plus, other musicians like Justin Bieber and Zayn recently took to Twitter to call out the Recording Academy

I would be furious if my hit album got no recognition, too! (Creative Commons)

Time for HAIM – The trio of sisters “singing” sounded awful. Awful! 

The HAIM sisters are not my cup of tea. (Creative Commons)

“No” to Noah – First of all, she was nominated for “Best New Artist” and has been mainstream for a few years now. In fact, she was nominated for a Radio Disney Music Award back in 2017. Also, that outfit was way too much. Who thought that was a good idea? She looked like a lump of sheets!

What am I looking at? (Creative Commons)

Country Clash – A country medley featuring three female artists sounded promising, but did not deliver. Having to introduce Mickey Guyton as the first Black female country nominee is not something to be proud of (too long, Recording Academy)! On top of that, Miranda Lambert’s performance was flat and not very memorable. Lastly, Maren Morris singing “The Bones” with the controversial John Mayer did not impress. 

Mickey Guyton deserves some respect. (Creative Commons)

Beyonce’s Shower of PraiseSeriously, I don’t get the hype! She literally released a few singles that I have never heard on the radio and won four awards? Wow. 

“Queen Bey”? Not really! (Creative Commons)

Blue Ivy’s Shower of Praise – Ah yes, Beyonce’s daughter is involved, too. She sang two lines in a music video and is now a Grammy winner at nine years old. And she beat Harry Styles. Ridiculous. 

I don’t know any award-winning nine year olds. Do you? (Creative Commons)

Silk SonicBruno Mars and Anderson Paak are just “meh”. Put them together, and you get something strange

So this is what Bruno Mars has been up to since 24K Magic? (Grace Tucceri)

“In Memoriam” Mess – These tributes are always tricky. A five minute long slideshow is not the best way to honor the lives of numerous musicians, from Pop Smoke to Eddie Van Halen. Plus, there was even more Silk Sonic

“Stop in the Name of Love” played in the background during this part in memory of Mary Wilson. (Grace Tucceri)

WAP – “WAP” should stand for “Wonky And Provocative”, not, well, you know what. I thought that the Grammys was family entertainment. I was wrong; there was plenty of risque content in this for sure!

A school appropriate picture from the performance… (Creative Commons)

So, that’s the show! It had its ups and downs, but overall was mediocre. I did have a good time writing this review, though, and I look forward to watching (and criticizing) The Oscars next month!