History of Franklin: Franklin Historical Museum


Historical Museum (Max Santiago)

Max Santiago, Writer

The town of Franklin has been around for nearly 250 years since its inception in 1776. Throughout that time, both Franklin and the world around it have shifted in monumental ways to transform into the modern age of today. Since Franklin was founded: electricity has been invented, cars were created, we went to the moon, and over 100,000 people have resided in the town. 

Because of its extremely long tenure as a town, Franklin has experienced defining historical moments that have occurred within it. To show this history off to the public, there is free admission to the Franklin Historical Museum located at 80 West Central Street Franklin, MA. Here, visitors will find many exhibits relating to Franklin and its history.

Ryan Perelli Exhibit (Max Santiago)

One major exhibit within the museum is the War Exhibit. One of the largest exhibits in the museum, the War Exhibit displays the history of the Iraq war and pays tribute to Franklin’s fallen soldiers. One example of a tribute is the Ryan Perelli section. Ryan Perelli was a Green Beret (member of the Special Forces) who was killed in action during the Iraq War on August 15, 2007. The exhibit pays homage to him by telling his story and displaying both his uniform and his numerous medals, including the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Iraq Campaign Medal. 

Another artifact shown within the museum is the Red Brick Schoolhouse. The Red Brick Schoolhouse is depicted with a model of the original building, along with the story behind the school. The Red Brick Schoolhouse is a National Register of Historic Places building from the 19th century that acted as Franklin’s major schoolhouse. It remained open up until 1959 but is now maintained and can be found on Lincoln Street in Franklin.

Red Brick School House Model (Max Santiago)


The Franklin Historical Museum has more than just artifacts and building reconstructions, though.  It is also a town shop hub. Within the historical museum is the Ye Olde Gift Shop. This shop contains many things relating to Franklin, from Town of Franklin labeled water bottles and tote bags, a ladybug section containing ladybug-themed items, historic photos available for purchase, and finally, one of the most popular items at the store, Franklin themed Christmas ornaments.


Ye Olde Gift Shoppe (Max Santiago)

Franklin is a town with over two centuries worth of history, many of it unknown to those who reside here. The museum helps to make that history accessible to the public, to both entertain and educate anyone interested in Franklin or its significance. Thank you to the amazing volunteers and workers that strive every day to provide Franklin with a sense of its long, incredible history, and make sure it is accessible to all.

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