Taylor Swift: Queen of Cats and Confusing Fans


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Fans greatly anticipate the release of 1989 and all of Taylor’s rerecordings.

Halle Goldsmith, Editor

On May 6, 2022, Taylor Swift announced the pending release of the remastered version of This Love, a song off her critically acclaimed and fan favorite album 1989.  The song was released for the trailer of Jenny Han’s new movie- The Summer I Turned Pretty. 

This Love (Taylor’s Version) is a masterpiece. It has all of the beloved elements of the original, but features matured vocals, better production, and a twinge of the indie-rock from her Folklore and Evermore era. The intro to the song has been tweaked ever so slightly to fit with the newer production and removal of the vocal processing used in the original 2014 release. Her voice sounds stronger and clearer, which really adds to the ethereal feeling you get when listening to the song.

Overall, Taylor did an amazing job with this song, and fans are itching for the next album, but that is where it gets confusing.

After her announcement of This Love (Taylor’s Version), she dropped merch for not one album, but two. Yes, she released some of their 1989 merch that confirmed for some that that is the next rerecording, but it is never that simple with Taylor Swift. In conjunction with the 1989 merch, she dropped Speak Now merch. Speak Now is her second most anticipated album, and one that she has been teasing for months.

To a normal person, or someone who does not consume Taylor Swift media constantly, confusion and chaos online might seem like an overreaction, but Taylor is known for dropping hints, or Easter Eggs, about what she is planning to see if the fans can figure it out. More often than not, the fans are dead wrong, and Taylor is on record saying that she lurks on TikTok to see what fans are saying and predicting. All that information combined leaves fans on the edges of their seats, unsure of what is to come or how to process everything she has unloaded on us.

Additionally, Taylor Swift released Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) due to a TikTok trend using the stolen version of that song, so it is ominous to fans that she is always paying attention and plotting her next move, especially when we cannot figure it out.

Only time will tell what Taylor Swift will release next!

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