New Wave of Blocked Websites

Alyssa Rutkowski, Writer

As the end of the school year nears, students are spending a lot of the free time that they have in study periods or at the end of low key classes to browse fun websites that have games, news articles, or their favorite TV shows and movies.

It has come to many people’s attention that a new wave of websites, they used to have access to, are now blocked, and it is raising several questions.

Many rumors have spread because of this “tragedy”, and several students are very angry that they can no longer go on their favorite websites.

Some of the hypotheses students have made are that new sites are being blocked because they create traffic in the wifi networks. Others say the sites they blocked contained games and other information that would distract from learning.

There have also been some extra problems in this new blocking spree because students are finding these same websites blocked at home.

Franklin High School Junior, Cassidy DeVincentis, has found her Netflix account not working on her Chromebook at times while she is home, but she has heard that students are able to email Ms. Hey about unblocking the website.

Bryanna Samolyk and Victoria Emond, also Franklin High School Juniors, are frustrated that some of the websites that they use for educational purposes are blocked. Samolyk regards her history projects, explaining that “[she doesn’t] have access to some of the sources [she] was assigned to read.”

The good news is, the school year is ending, vacation is fast approaching, and these problems will be put off for the next 2 and a half months. Get off your Chromebooks, and soak up the sun. Unless, of course, you have AP work. Enjoy your summer.