Student Spotlight: Saanvi Daunde


Suhas Wijegoonasekara, Writer

The name might be unfamiliar to most of you, however, Saanvi Daunde is not your average freshman student here at Franklin High School. She is a part of the Red Cross Club and has various hobbies. Some of which include writing, swimming, reading, and drawing.

Saanvi is a smart, talented student who is especially inquisitive about writing. Saanvi has written 5 books so far, 4 of which are in editing and one is still being written. She does not plan on stopping any time soon! However, she is unsure if she wants to fully publish her books. Her passion for writing comes from creating characters of her choosing.


“(I like) the characters and how you can always relate to them in any way possible, ” said Daunde.

She is going to continue her literary journey as she will take Creative Writing.

“Creative writing was one of those writing things that spoke to me as I was talking to my guidance counselor,” she said.

Living up to most parents’ dreams, she actually wants to become a doctor! To most students, becoming a doctor is a dream only a parent wants. However, for Saanvi, it is a job she will pursue in the near future. For her it’s not only about the money but helping the community as well.

“I always held on to the doctor thing from when I was little, you know those doctor playsets? I wanted to help out the community, it felt good… It speaks to you in a way that no other job could and you could get paid a lot too. But it’s more about helping the community.” said Daunde.

Overall, Saanvi’s numerous skills make her a fascinating student at FHS and we cannot wait to see what she will do in the future!