A Night to Remember

Olivia Baker, Photojournalist

The attendees of Junior prom make their way to the busses on route to Lombardo’s on May 6, 2022.
After getting dropped off everyone makes their way up the stairs to the main room.
Two friends sitting at their table talking
A close up view across the tables.
People talk amongst themselves as dinner is served.
After food the music beings and people start to stand in order to get on the dance floor.
The DJ begins to play some recommended songs and energy heightens on the dance floor.
A calm before another inevitable storm of music, the slow dance begins.
Some attendees choose to seek refuge from the crowd and music below the spiral stairs.
As the night goes on more people return to the dance floor, but some still choose to kick their shoes off and relax.
A trampled corsage lays forgotten on the floor behind the dance floor.
The crowd files out of the room after a long night to get back on their busses.