AP Exams – How Do They Impact Students?


Of course, AP classroom practice quizzes are a student’s best friend.

Alayna Bond, Photojournalist

During AP exam week, students have to be so focused in class that they aren’t able to socialize with their friends.
Many students feel detached socially, as the library where students are able to see their friends and eat lunch is temporarily closed.
Since the library is closed for lunches and study halls, the cafeteria is a lot louder and more crowded than it normally is.
After their exam, European History students are able to use their class time to study for other upcoming exams; there’s never a free moment!
For many AP test-takers, they have to get creative when it comes to studying, leading them to study anywhere that they can.
Sometimes getting creative with study locations means studying at a dinner out!
Of course, AP classroom practice quizzes are a student’s best friend.
For those taking multiple exams, it can become exhausting to study so many different subjects all at once, and the information blurs together.
As students prepare for their exams – which, for some, are many – they must adjust their sleep schedule to fit their study schedule.
Due to their shifted sleep schedule, some students find themselves asleep in class.
After the all nighters, studying everywhere, and countless practice tests, there’s no turning back.
Even though the exam weeks are tough on students, it’s all worth it when they’re over, and they can reward themselves with educational movies!
The post-exam relief is unmatched!