Nick Parent’s Take on Boys Soccer

Brendan Howe, Sports Reporter

With Franklin High School’s senior night soccer game a short time away, I’m sitting down with Franklin Varsity Soccer captain, Nicholas Parent and asking him some questions on how far the team has come over the season.

Howe: How do you think the team has performed as a unit this year? What was the turning point when you guys clicked?

Parent: “So far this year, we started off a little slow when we lost two games in a row to Mansfield and Attleboro. Then, after that we started really clicking we went on a six game winning streak, since then there’s been no turning back.”

Howe: So, are you proud with the way the team has performed?

Parent: “Yeah, I mean we can always get better but, so far we feel like going into the tournament soon, we’re playing well.”

Howe: What do you think you need to do in order to get a win?

Parent: “Just play as a team, one-two touch passes, quick shots and play defense collectively.”

Howe: Who do you think was the quote on “X-Factor” for you guys this season?

Parent: “We don’t really have an X-Factor, we thrive on playing as a team, winning as a team, losing as a team, so our X-Factor is probably everyone.”

No doubt Franklin will be fired up when they take the field on senior night, in hopes of earning their tenth win of the season.