XCiting Victory for Girls’ Cross Country

XCiting Victory for Girls’ Cross Country

Fiona Moynihan, Writer

On October 13, Franklin High School’s Girls’ Cross Country team won the 2015 Kelley-Rex Hockomock League. Leading the way was sophomore, Nicole Clermont, and senior captain, Brittany Robinson.

Clermont won the final race against North Attleboro with a time of 18:24 and Robinson placed third with a time of 19:44. The final score was 22, Franklin, to 34, North Attleboro. The team also finished with a perfect, regular season following the win over North.

Robinson showed her pride, saying: “It feels great that all of our hard work finally paid off and that we are finishing what we started.”

Clermont shared a similar attitude, attributing the victory to the team: “Everyone really put in hard work and long hours at practice and we stayed in the weight room pretty long and everyone just wanted it.”

However, both girls are not ready to celebrate. Clermont shared: “We are trying, obviously, to get the bragging rights of winning the Hockomock Championship, which will have us winning the whole Hock, and to see if we can place well in Divisionals to make it to States.”

With the same goal in mind, Robinson says: “I think we can definitely win Hocks and then go to State and place really well because we are fourteenth right now.”

The team now focuses on training with the Hockomock Championship Meet on October 31, MIAA Divisional Championships on November 14, and MIAA All State Meet on November 21.

The Girls’ Cross Country team won the Kelley Rex Hockomock League in 2012, making Robinson, and other four-year runners, two-time winners of the title, putting perfect bookmarks on the girls’ high school running careers.