Stephan Curry and His Domination Through the NBA

Dylan Adiletto, Sports Reporter

Darren Andrews and Alex Fradkin were interviewed about the NBA and were asked questions before tip off on Tuesday, October 28th.

Fradkin explained how the Warriors, Thunder, and the Cavaliers looked strong in the pre-season. He thinks these teams are a very important part of the NBA and are among the most talented teams.

He also states that there were only six teams playing on opening night, (Warriors vs Pelicans, Bulls vs Cavaliers and Hawks vs Pistons).

Andrews talks about his opinion on MVP this year and which team needs to improve. He talks about the Nets and the Pistons, which could easily be two teams over .500 or easily under .500. Also, according to Andrews, it depends how bad they want it.

As for the MVP candidate, Andrews and Fradkin have three people in mind: Stephan Curry (G, GSW), Anthony Davis (C, NOP) and Russell Westbrook (PG, OKC). Andrews predicts Curry, while Fradkin is going with Davis as MVP this year. They say they have high expectations, for each one of them has lots of talent and is leading the NBA right now.

Andrews and Fradkin also have their opinions about their favorite team and the kind of talents they possess.

Andrews says: “Although I’m loyal to the Celtics, the Warriors are looking like a championship team for the second straight year.”

The Warriors present lots of talent at each position, having a good rebounder, two great shooting guards to get a lot of points and two forwards to block and get important offensive rebounds and points.

While Fradkin and Andrews go on to talk about the Celtics as their favorite team, only one player comes to mind as an interest this season: Stephan Curry.