The 7-0 Patriots

James Marsh, Sports Reporter

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins 08/28/09

The number one team in the NFL, the New England Patriots have started 7-0, demolishing any team in their path.

With just nine games left in the 2015 season, the Patriots look like they could be able to repeat at a Super Bowl. Coming off a very solid victory against the Miami Dolphins the Pats are looking forward to playing the Redskins next Sunday. With the Redskins sitting in second place behind the New York Giants in the NFC East, this is a game the Patriots should win.

When asked about who will be the biggest impact on the patriots, Paul Baker responded:

Dont’a Hightower because of his ability to stop the run on defense.”

Dont’a Hightower is a bonafide middle and outside linebacker for the Patriots. He is very good against the run, and decent in coverage. Without him, they are left with the once superstar Jerod Mayo.

Mayo has been degrading in quality ever since his injury two years ago. Without Dont’a Hightower healthy, the Jets would be able to run over the Patriots easily. The Jets have a solid run game with a decent pass game, and they also have one of the best defenses in the league. The Jets are one of the only teams (besides the Broncos) to have a chance to beat the Patriots.

Do not underestimate the Jets, and watch out for the rolling Patriots.