Tim Tebow Takes on Baseball

ABC News

Hanna Richardson , Writer

Tim Tebow, a former NFL quarterback, has taken on a new career in Major League Baseball.

Tebow, who hasn’t played organized baseball since his junior year in high school, has been signed with the New York Mets to play with the instructional league. If he succeeds there he could be sent to the Arizona Fall league where he will face some of the best young talent in the minor league.

Many people doubt the skills of Tebow since he has yet to face live pitching in a game above the high school level.

Jami Pandiscio, a Freshman at Franklin High School, believes that Tebow will not get moved up to the major leagues. She thinks that because of his inexperience in MLB level baseball, he does not have the skills to play with the best of the best.

Tebow signing with the Mets has many people riled up. A former college pitcher Brady Wilson called it the biggest joke ever. Royals relief pitcher, Peter Moylan tweeted that, “minor leaguers spend years chasing their dreams, but Tebow…. Yeah, not so much.” Corey Walter, a pitcher in the Athletics’ org, also joined in saying, he couldn’t believe Tebow had been signed at all.

Tweets from baseball players and fans at all levels have been coming in. However, Pandiscio, who is a very passionate fan of all sports, believes that Tebow is serious about playing the sport and deserves a second chance.

Tebow used to play football with the Florida Gators where he accomplished many things. In 2007, Tebow won the Heisman Trophy for the Florida Gators and later helped the team take two national championships.

After his football career ended he looked to baseball for a new passion. The only question left is, where will Tebow end up?