Clark’s Corner 12/9

Joe Clark, Sports Editor

Giancarlo Stanton is a member of the New York Yankees. I have nothing to say except this is awful news as a Red Sox fan. The reported package is Starlin Castro and prospects in the Yankees’ lower minors that are not among their best in exchange for Stanton and $35m of his contract. The fact the Yankees were willing to pay the vast majority of his contract is why you won’t see any legitimate top prospects heading to Miami in the deal. It’s reminiscent of the A-Rod trade when the Yankees traded Alfonso Soriano and prospects to pick him up from the Rangers when they wanted to move his contract. If any good comes out of this, hopefully, the Red Sox go out and make a splash by signing J.D. Martinez or Carlos Santana.


-The Duke Blue Devils look to be the best team in college basketball this season. Sitting at 11-0, Duke has beaten the likes of Michigan St, Florida (a win that doesn’t look as good after Florida dropped games to Florida St and Loyola-Chicago), and Texas. In addition, the Blue Devils have beaten St. Francis (PA), Furman, South Dakota, and Elon, who while being mid-majors, are among the favorites for their respective conferences. Marvin Bagley III has been one of the top 5 players in the country this year and is the only Duke player who has been used on 24-28% of their possessions. The fact that he was supposed to still be in high school this year is ridiculous. On that same point, you can make an argument that three of Duke’s top four are all freshman, and all are pretty much guaranteed to leave after one season. Next year, when Duke brings in Cam Reddish and RJ Barrett, they aren’t staying more than one season. It’s time for the NBA to abolish the one and done rule and just let kids go straight to the NBA from high school. I have no doubt in my mind that it will leave the NBA and the NCAA better off in the long run (except the NCAA might complain because they won’t be able to make money off kids who can’t make money off themselves, but that’s a discussion for another day).


-Absolutely ridiculous that JuJu Smith-Schuster got his one-game suspension appeal denied while George Iloka got his suspension overturned. While illegal, Smith-Schuster’s hit wasn’t done in an attempt to harm Vontaze Burfict, and while he certainly shouldn’t have taunted him afterward, it was in no way, shape, or form worse or equal to the hit on TreDavious White that got Rob Gronkowski suspended for only one game. Meanwhile, Iloka clearly targeted Antonio Brown and went in for a helmet to helmet hit (and it wasn’t the first time that game he led with his helmet), but the reason given by the NFL was that “Brown lowered his helmet for the hit.” Give me a break. Let’s not forget that Roger Goodell just got a $200 million extension and a private jet for life while the players who actually make the NFL profitable are struggling with severe brain injuries after their careers are over.


-Still can’t believe Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee. Ugh