Red Sox Have A Chance Of Winning It All

Jenny Maciel, Writer

Although the MLB consists of many talented teams from all over the country, the Boston Red Sox have made a tremendous reputation this year for themselves.

The Red Sox have grown rapidly throughout the years, from going from a team that loses almost most games, to a team that has won, already, 108 games.

Other teams in MLB have only won approximately 70-85 games, while the Red Sox have won much more. They are ahead of the second best team by 10 whole games.

Even though their success is huge this year, it has been a surprise to many people. The last time the team has gotten so much publicity from social media was when they won the World Series in 2013. Years after they have played poorly, not even clinching the playoffs.

This year, however, they have already been clinched for the playoffs. As the year has progressed, the team has been very connected with one another, making it more enjoyable for people to watch. Local student Lexi Lupien says: “I love watching them in the middle/end of the season because the team is really connected especially this year!”

As the Red Sox continue their season, they are entertaining even larger crowds, filling the park with thousands. “I go every couple weeks and they win a majority of the time” says Lupien. “I have been watching baseball since my brother started playing in kindergarten and have grown up with it and I just love the sport in general and knowing stats about players so it’s super intriguing.”

The Red Sox are now entering the playoffs with a win record of 108 games, wowing people every game they play. What will they have in store for everyone next?