Varsity Athletes as Freshman

Halle Goldsmith, Writer

Franklin High has a lot of sports teams with amazing athletes of all ages. Everyone is striving for a spot on varsity and these freshman have made the cut.

Franklin is notorious for its Cross Country and Track teams, every day is a fight for a better time or a chance to run in a varsity race. Freshmen Tarah Agati and Lily Duffy have experienced their time in the spotlight.

After her first few weeks on the cross country team, Agati had proved to herself and her coaches that she was ready for varsity meets. The pressure of varsity hasn’t fazed her one bit.

“The captains and coaches made me feel very welcomed and pushed me beyond my limits,” says Agati, “I’ve always had a love for running and it challenges me to be better. It gives me time to clear my mind and focus my energy on something positive.”

Duffy is a two-season runner now, from Cross Country to Winter Track. She too has proved herself worthy of a position on varsity. Since day one of Winter Track, she’s been running in the varsity meets. In the eyes of Lily Duffy, varsity is just another challenge. Any pressure doesn’t seem to be getting to her.

“I don’t feel like there is that much pressure being a freshman on a varsity team. I mean there will always be that self-pressure that comes with any sport, to want to put your best foot forward. But the upperclassmen made it so easy for all the freshmen to feel included,” Duffy says.

Tarah Agati raced the 1.5k in Cross Country, although she missed a lot of the season due to a concussion. After her long break throughout the winter, Agati is eager for the spring season to start.

In her interview Agati revealed, “I‘m looking forward to the spring season of track so I can challenge myself in a new running area.”

On the other hand, Lily Duffy runs the 1000m for track and her personal record is 3:30.

Both of the girls are clearly natural athletes, seeing as they jumped into the season without prior cross country or track training and made their way up to varsity standard. Good luck in the future seasons and to all the freshman with dreams of varsity!

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