The Risk of Football and Concussions

Luke Paragona, Writer

Every Sunday you watch football for entertainment, but did you know the risk for players of getting a concussion? In the NFL there are numerous amounts of concussions every season.  

Mason Rudolf, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, got a concussion when his team was playing the Baltimore Ravens. This happened on October 6th of 2019. Rudolph got what was thought to be a severe concussion. It was caused by two Ravens players, who hit him on both the front and back in a head to head collision. 

On average it takes seven to ten days to recover from a concussion. However, it depends on the person. Rudolph was knocked unconscious after the hit. One of his teammates, Juju Smith-Schuster, a wide receiver on the Steelers, was in tears over it.  For Mason Rudolph, there is no timeline for his return. 

Franklin High School student, Devon Bramson told his experience when getting a concussion during wrestling.  

“You can’t see anything and have a massive headache,” Bramson said. He added, “I couldn’t wrestle for a month.” 

The NFL is trying to find ways to prevent concussions. They are doing this by making the players remain stationary until the ball is kicked, In addition, offense or defense can or can’t have direct contact with other players’ helmets.

The recovery after a condition requires a lot of things you shouldn’t do. One of the main things you shouldn’t do is look at a screen or reduce the time. Devon Bramson told his recovery experience following his concussion. 

“I couldn’t watch TV, use Chromebook, and couldn’t use electronics,” he said. He also added, “I had to go to the doctors a lot, I had to go twice a week.” 

Concussion recovery takes time. Lots of rest and limited access to screens and bright lights will help one to improve the quickest.