Kristi Kirshe: Franklin’s Olympic Star

Kristi Kirshe returns to FHS to share her athletic journey

Kristi Kirshe returns to FHS to share her athletic journey

Elise Ravech, Writer

Kristi Kirshe, a graduate from Franklin High in 2013 came back for one night to explain her story to some lucky listeners. It was a pretty amazing night.

To begin, Kristi went into detail about how she was a three sport athlete at Franklin. She played soccer, basketball and even lacrosse. As far as her soccer career, she led the team to the State Championship, for basketball she led her team to the section finals and finally for lacrosse, she led them to four straight hockomock championships. Kirshe was also the Gatorade Player of the Year, she is the only one to receive this from Franklin! Kristi changed girls sports for the better at Franklin high, giving them the recognition they deserve.

Kristi chose to be a triathlete rather than focus on just one sport because she did not want to “burn out.” She explained how she wanted to go to the Olympics for soccer but she had to take a break because doing it six days a week every week was getting to be a lot.

It was even noted that Kristi was put into ballet to be a dancer like her sister but right from the beginning she knew it was not a good fit.

“I shyly walked into my moms office and told her I would rather be playing football and tackling people.”

Now for the rugby aspect of her life! February 2018, was the first time Kristi tried rugby, all thanks to her best friend from high school Grace. Kirshe’s noted multiple times her first few weeks were horrendous and thought about quitting multiple times.

She pushed through because, “goals are never straight forward, and nothing comes easy.” After a few weeks of playing outside Kristi was offered a job in San Diego by the Women’s USA team! Kristi had to pack everything up and leave everything she had ever known. She believes it was the biggest but easiest choice she has made for herself.

Kristi was so glad she accepted that position because now she gets to travel the world for many business trip even though she states, “I would never consider it business because it is way too much fun.” To this date Capetown is the coolest place she has been for rugby.

Kristi signing autographs

A typical day for Kristi is to wake up at 6:30, get to the center by 7 to have breakfast. Then do an hour on the field only to have more breakfast. Typically by the afternoon she has done some lifting and eaten lunch. In the evening she does another training, eats dinner and watches film from previous days. Kristi explains how there is a GPS in their uniform to help track how they do and what their stats are!

Kristi is glad she chose to go to W

illiams College which is D3 rather than a D1 because she was able to be a good student athlete.  She was able to play the sport she loved along with helping her plans in the future. She quotes, “A D1 school can be very stressful balancing academics since their main focus is sports.

Kristi is on her way to the Tokyo Olympics where only twelve people go, with two for injury reasons; this is a huge accomplishment! Kristi knows she has the support of not only her family and friends but everyone on the team and watching back home in Franklin!

Kristi’s advice for athletes at Franklin currently is, “Just put your head down, work hard and be coachable. It is always important to accept the feedback given, but always remember what you do best.