The Franklin Boys 4×800 Team’s Successful Season

The Franklin Boys 4x800 Team’s Successful Season

Katie Barrow, Writer

The Franklin boys 4×800 relay team won 1st place at the Division 1 Meet and qualified for nationals. According to the MetroWest Daily News, the 4×800 team’s time of 8:07.81 made the nationals qualifying requirement of 8:08. 

Nick Calitri, Tyler Brogan, Cam Harrington, and Alec Hanley are on the 4×800 team. The Division 1 Meet was held at the Reggie Lewis Center in Boston on Wednesday, Feb. 12. 

Coach Bailey said that the 4×800 team was off to a rough start. The track coaches decided to put their two fastest runners as the last two legs, Brogan and Calitri, because they are known for passing runners. Harrington usually runs 1st leg, but was slightly behind when he handed the baton off to Hanley. According to Coach Bailey, Hanley is the least experienced runner out of the other three. 

Coach Bailey recalls that by the time Hanley passed it off to Calitri, Franklin was in 10th or 11th place. During Calitri’s turn, he passed a few runners. Coach Bailey said that when Tyler ran, he passed a group of runners with a lap and a half to go. This comeback earned the 4×800 team the title for the Division 1 Meet.

Coach Bailey explains that the success of the 4×800 team is due to their hard work and natural talent. Coach Bailey said that some people define the 800 as one of the most difficult events in track and field. This is because it requires a very fast pace for a long distance. 

The All-State Meet was on Monday, Feb. 22nd and they beat their time by getting 8:04 and placing 4th. 

Unfortunately, Nationals was supposed to take place on March 13th, 14th, and 15th at The Armory in New York City, but was canceled due to the Coronavirus epidemic. It’s a disappointing end to a stellar season, but they still have a lot to be proud of.