The Return of Athletics!

Franklin's three Varsity captains getting their team ready for the Cross Country season, as it is going to look very different!

Elise Ravech

Franklin’s three Varsity captains getting their team ready for the Cross Country season, as it is going to look very different!

Elise Ravech, Writer

As the new school year is approaching many are wondering what school will look like but also athletics as well. Considering that scholarships through sports have a big impact on juniors and seniors it is important to ensure that they get their seasons. As of As of August 26th, 2020 FHS released the dates for all sports! 

The four High School Seasons:

9/18 – 11/20 – Boys and Girls Soccer, Boys and Girls Cross Country, Field Hockey, Golf

11/30 – 2/21 – Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys and Girls Hockey, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys and Girls Indoor Track; Cheer, Boys and Girls Swim

2/22 – 4/25 – Football, Cheer, Unified Basketball, Volleyball

4/26 – 7/3 – Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys, Girls and Unified Track & Field

Kelly Moussa playing for Franklin’s JV team her Sophomore Year.
Clare Bowen playing for Varsity her Sophomore year at FHS.
Clare Bowen playing Varsity for FHS her Sophomore year.

Kelly Moussa, an athlete of both Soccer and Softball shares her opinion, which I think many of us can really relate to, “I like it, but the whole situation is just still a little weird for me. I am just confused why some sports are moved and how long they are, but overall I am super excited!”

Clare Bowen, a Junior at FHS shares her opinion, “I already know we have to wear masks on the fields. We have been implementing them into practice to get used to it. Sports are definitely going to look much different, soccer especially since the rules are so strict and causes. It doesn’t feel like we are actually playing soccer. But, it is better than having no season and we are at least able to come together as a team!”  

Stephen Rontiris running for FHS his sophomore year.

Winter sports will include Boys and Girls basketball, Boys and Girls Hockey, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Boys and Girls Indoor Track, Cheer and boys and girls Swim; starting November 30th and ending on February 21st. Stephen Rontiris gives his thoughts hoping to get some normal back, “I think before and after the races everyone is going to have to wear masks. I also believe that we will be wearing masks on the starting line, but once the race starts we will be able to take them off and continue like a normal race. But we will have to put the mask on right when you finish.”

Griffin Sieczkiewicz running for FHS his Sophomore year.

Griffin Sieczkiewicz shares his opinion, stating,  “Personally I don’t like that it staggers by three minutes, but I am glad we have a season. I am also glad that practice is after school, along with the fact that there are only 10 people per heat. The one thing I don’t like is there are no hocks.” 

Kate Rudolph doing her bar routine for Varsity gymnastics, her Sophomore year.

Kate Rudolph a well known Gymnast at FHS knows this year will be very interesting as she quotes, “Obviously this year’s going to look different for every sport, but we are also excited that we will still be able to compete. Since we lost the very end of winter and all of spring Sports last year, I think everyone in all sports at FHS are going to be even more motivated and excited to show what we’ve been working on since we’ve last played or competed. We are all so thankful that we get to have our season even if it looks a little different than the past!.”

Vayshnav Malhotra playing on Varsity his freshman year, now a current Junior at FHS. One of the many athletes who missed playing their sophomore year due to covid.

Next up getting closer to spring is Football, Cheer, Unified Basketball and Volleyball; starting on February 22nd and running through April 25th.

Lily Duffy running Cross Country her Sophomore year.

Lily Duffy contributes her thoughts on the matter stating, “I honestly don’t mind the change in the dates for the sports seasons this year. The only thing that would be hard for athletes is the warmer weather in July. Overall I am just happy to hear we have a season, and I can’t wait for it to start!”

Sam Miller getting ready for the play at second for Franklin’s Freshman team his freshman year.

Finally closing out the school year will be Baseball, Softball, Boys and Girls Lacrosse, Tennis, Boys and Girls Track, Unified Track and Field! These will run starting on April 26th through July 3rd! Vayshnav Malhotra, a Junior at FHS,  provides his thoughts on what his tennis season might look like, “If there is a lax and baseball season then I think we will have a season, we should be fine. Tennis is probably the most socially distanced sport there is, we won’t need masks. They will most likely give more cans of balls to each team so we serve with the other teams tennis balls.”

Sam Miller heading, also a Junior, gives his thoughts about the upcoming baseball season, “I am happy to be back playing baseball. It didn’t matter when the season was gonna start, I just wanted to play baseball.”

Mr. Angelo and Mr. Peri at the 2019 Banner Night!

Mr Angelo, the Athletic Director at FHS shares how his primary concern is “addressing the social-emotional needs of our student athletes.” He also adds that FHS is doing everything they can to ensure that “student athletes can enjoy a safe return to interscholastic athletics!”