Freshman Football Season Canceled?

Cody Howard, Writer

 What happens when a football team doesn’t have enough players before the season starts ? Do you not play at all?

 Even thinking about not having a season is a player’s worst nightmare. With Covid, Franklin High school is lucky enough to have a season despite it being in the winter.  But there is also another reason football might not happen for the 9th grade team. Which is a shortage of players. 

 Not having enough players could lead your team to either moving up to JV or not having a season at all. Ninth graders in the situation where we have to move up to jv would have to work really hard to get some playing time. 

 Some players even said, “I’m not gonna play this year if we move up to JV because I will get no playing time.” So moving up would affect the whole season for them. 

The reason for the shortage of players might be because parents don’t want them playing a contact sport risking Covid. Also, this would not only affect the players but would also affect the coaches. Would they help out the school with other athletic activities? Would they teach a class?

At this point in time team practices start pretty soon. Nothing is 100% sure of but we’re all hoping for a season.