Franklin Panthers make Impressive Win over Milford


Franklin Offense getting tackled by Milford Defense (Photo courtesy of FHS SmugMug)

Maddie Michenzie, Writer

It is no surprise that this was a big game for Franklin as they were facing off against one of their toughest competitors. The Franklin Panthers were undefeated going into this game, and Milford only lost one game to KP.

So, it is safe to say that Milford is a great team that is well-respected overall. However, Franklin did what they always do, and used technical plays, to ultimately gain a 13-3 win, continuing on with their undefeated streak. 

The first quarter left neither side with any touchdowns, the score staying 0-0. Senior QB, Jared Arone (#15) was able to gain 8 yards, with Senior RB Mack Gulla (#21), gaining another 2, giving Franklin the first down. Shortly after, the 1st time out of the game was called by Milford, in order to regroup and get back on track leading into the 2nd quarter.

Garrett Portesi, kicker, preparing for an extra point kick, following Franklin’s touchdown. (Photo Courtesy of FHS SmugMug)

The second quarter had a lot more action. Franklin’s kicker, Garrett Portesi (#39), kicked a 19-yard field goal, putting the Franklin Panthers in the lead 3-0. However, every solid play that the Panthers did, Milford would return with an equally powerful play, making it a continuous cycle, further stressing out both sides. Milford’s Nicholas Araujo (#18) tied the 2nd quarter by kicking a 29-yard field goal, with still 7 minutes left on the clock.

Franklin continued to show their capabilities, when Senior WR, Will Deschenes, (#83) secured a first down.

Want to know one of the worst calls of the game? When the Refs declared Jared Arone’s pass to senior WR, Will Tracy, incomplete. Now was it really incomplete? Franklin believed that it was complete. You can be the judge of that one. Either way, the Panthers stayed tied with Milford, ending the first half 3-3. 

QB, Jared Arone, prepares for a solid play against MIlford. (Photo courtesy of FHS Smugmug)

The second half of the game started off strong for Franklin. They used the first half as a warmup, and came into the second half ready to attack. Will Tracy caught a 3-yard touchdown,  the one and only touchdown of the night, bringing the score up 9-3.

No surprise, Garrett Portesi solidifies the score 10-3, with his extra point kick. Shortly after, Franklin got called a 5 yard penalty against Milford, but was able to get back on track. Although he got injured during the game, Senior WR, Shane Kindred, (#2) ran 71 yards after a pass from Jared Arone. The 3rd quarter ended, 10-3, leaving spirits and confidence high for the Franklin Panthers.

The last quarter of the game consisted of a lot of carries by Mack Gulla (35 carries and 200 yards), helping keep the ball in possession for Franklin.

Also, Junior, Jase Lyons (#10), deflected a ball coming from Milford, stopping their progression. Later in the quarter, Junior WR, Luke Davis (#6) made an incredible interception in the end zone, prohibiting Milford from getting a touchdown, making one of the best plays of the night with only 4 minutes left in the game.

The game ended on a high note with Senior TE, Jonathan Martins, (#8) sacking the Milford QB. The Final score of the game was 13-3 with Franklin getting 1 touchdown and 2 field goals, and Milford getting only 1 field goal.

Overall, the game was a must see event, full of excitement and intensity. Although away, the Panthers took control of the field like it was their own, and dominated the game. Franklin has moved up to the top seed in Division 1, finishing the pre playoff schedule. Franklin will begin to prepare for the Thanksgiving game against KP coming up!