The Player Perspective: FHS Boys Hockey Continues Their Hot Streak


Sr. Captain Aiden Hunt (left #3) sports Franklin’s Alternate uniform against Mansfield (with permission from Hunt)

Ryan Martin

FHS Boys Hockey is back on the ice with a new-look team. Besides the sweet, new, baby-blue uniforms, these Panthers look fresh, thanks to almost an entirely new group of players on the Varsity team. Following last year’s COVID-altered, 10-2 season that saw 16 seniors graduate(!!), This winter, Franklin has found their chemistry posting a 11-5 record, including wins in 8 of their last 9. To see how the boys have meshed so successfully as of late, I caught up with FHS Boy’s Hockey Captains Ryan Sicchio (Jr.) and Aiden Hunt (Sr.):

Ryan Martin: Franklin currently sits atop the Kelley-Rex Division with 16 points and has by far the most Goals For in the Hock with 47 after a big win against Mansfield. Ryan, as a forward, why do you think this offense has been so efficient this year?

Ryan Sicchio: On the offensive side of the ice, we’ve been efficient and effective because of our speed. We have four solid lines that use speed to get into the zone and move the puck well. Our lines also have strong chemistry together, so we know where each other are and, more importantly, where they will be on the ice. Additionally, it comes down to how we move the puck in the zone running a solid 2-3 forecheck to cause the other team’s defensemen to turn the puck over for scoring opportunities. 


RM: On the flipside, Aiden, as a defenseman, how much pressure does it take off of you blueliners when you have the confidence that your forwards can put pucks in the back of the net consistently?

Aiden Hunt: Our forwards’ abilities to score goals have been a massive weight off our back end; we have an overall inexperienced defensive core with only one defenseman who is a returning varsity player. They have made my switch from forward to defense much easier by scoring in bunches to put away games. We knew coming into the season that this forward group could be something special once they got clicking, and it has evidently shown in our past few games.


RM: After a 3-1 start, you guys dropped back-to-back games against the talented Catholic Memorial and Malden Catholic teams. After those losses, you guys picked up an OT win against St Mary’s and have won 8 of your last 9. As Captains, what was this team able to take away after those two losses? How has the team been able to click so well since then?

Captain Ryan Sicchio (#15) skates with the puck against Belmont (via Sammy Patel Photography)

RSAs a captain, I think we learned after those two losses that we need to move the puck together as a team; we can’t play as individuals against some of our better opponents. We’ve really clicked since then and are moving the puck well, getting our defensemen involved at the point.

AH: After losing those games back to back, the team learned a lot about our identity. Losing the way we did to Catholic Memorial was a reality check for many of our players, but it was a game that we knew we did not play to our capabilities. It gave our team a perspective of what it will take to end up in TD Garden (for the championship) at the end of the season. […] The biggest thing our guys learned from the Malden Catholic game is that we need to play a strong three periods to win a game. We had the lead with 1-0 and up 2-1, but we couldn’t finish off the third period strong enough to win the game. I think a mixture of changing up our lines and special teams units to generate more goals since those games have been the critical change in our success since then.


RM: A huge part of your 11-5 record has been the play of Cole Pouliot-Porter as goalie. Only a freshman, Pouliot-Porter has allowed 2 goals or less in 9 of your last 11 games. How impressed have you two been with his play? How important has he been to Franklin’s success this season, and are you surprised he’s adjusted to the Varsity level so quickly?

RSKnowing we have such a consistent goalie in net, I think it really brings it all together on the back end. I think everyone’s been impressed with how he’s been playing; he’s really adopted to the varsity speed of play.

AH: Cole has been a huge part of keeping us in these games and getting us these crucial wins. It’s been unbelievable to watch such a young kid be able to step into the spotlight of being the starting varsity goalie and perform so well. It’s even more impressive to see his work ethic and attention to detail to his craft […] Overall, he’s been such a key factor on our team, and everyone has so much confidence in him; we believe we can beat any team in the state, and most of that is because of him.

Sr. Captain Aiden Hunt (#3) controls the puck against Medway (with permission from Hunt)


RM: Looking towards the remainder of this year, you guys have a rematch tonight against Weymouth, a couple of important Hock matchups, and then finish the regular season against the top team in the state when you play at St. John’s Prep. Trying to keep this hot streak alive, what will the keys to victory be over this final stretch before tournament play?

AH: This final stretch is significant for our seeding in the playoffs, and the key to keeping this hot streak going is to continue scoring. Also, staying out of the penalty box is a huge factor in winning. Teams like Saint Johns Prep and other top schools will make us pay if we take bad penalties. If we play our game and play smart, we can beat any team that’s in our way.

Having their game rescheduled from Sunday night after this weekend’s blizzard, Franklin Hockey hosted Weymouth at the Vet last night at 7:30 pm. The game, one in which the Panthers picked up a 5-2 win, marked the first round for Franklin in the inaugural Ed Burns “Coffee Pot” Tournament taking place over the next three Sundays.