Izzy “Brick Wall” Brown, Varsity’s Star Freshman Goalie

Izzy “Brick Wall” Brown, Varsitys Star Freshman Goalie

Ace Warren, Writer

Franklin’s very own freshman Varsity hockey goalie, Izzy “Brick Wall” Brown is a star.

The starting goalie for the 2021-22 season has been playing hockey for close to eight years, along with their twin sister Hannah. Despite playing for close to eight years, Izzy has only been playing goalie for about 5 years.

Ironically, both Izzy’s older sister and brother played hockey from six to the end of high school despite neither of their parents playing hockey.

The girls hockey team’s playoff game ended in a 4-0 defeat but Izzy considered it a good fight.

“I’m not mad it ended like that. I think our last game, the playoff game, was actually a really good game. We all fought hard. I think I played pretty well. Everyone played their part and played well, I think it was a good game for the seniors to end off,” said Izzy.

Brown, number 30 makes a save with their gloved hand.

Izzy said that it felt nice that they made it onto varsity, because during middle school they thought they wouldn’t make high school hockey. They also said it felt nice to be the starting goalie and to be able to play on a good team. Izzy holds the position of number 3 in the rankings for the Hockomock League girls hockey goalies, and they’re proud of it.

“I think it’s pretty cool; little me would be so happy. I’m hoping next year I can go up even higher. But you know … number three, good number, I’m pretty proud of myself.” said Izzy.

Izzy has gained some fame for their nickname of “Brick Wall” Brown, first being called that in their high school career by the FHS Girls Hockey Boosters Twitter on January 9th, though they said it has been a constant nickname throughout their hockey career.

Izzy finds the nickname funny, knowing not to take it too seriously because it somewhat applies to their career as a goalie.

“Brick Wall” Brown earns their namesake and blocks a shot by King Philip with their skate.

Despite a great first season of high school hockey, Brown is unsure about playing in the next season.

“I think I’ll continue next year because I think it was good for me to continue hockey because I quit my club team, stay in shape. BUFF!”