A Day At High Jump With Abby Griffith!


On May 3, the FHS track team took on the schools rival King Phillip

Julia Atwood, Photo Journalist

Sophomore, Abby Griffith, began the meet by putting down markings for herself and the other female high jumpers.
On this dreary Tuesday afternoon, Griffith stayed warm by doing some stretching and practice moves.
After some quick warm ups and stretching, Griffith mentally prepared herself to take a practice jump before the meet began.
Griffith started the meet at high jump coming in at height 4’6, which she cleared. Then she moved onto 4’8. Here she is moving the bar to jump at 4’10.
Griffith took her attempt at 4’10 and successfully cleared it making her move onto 5ft.
Sophomore, Ava Workman gave a Griffith a quick good luck hug before she started her attempts at 5ft.
High jump, being not only physically demanding, is also mentally demanding. Griffith prepared her mind to jump at this difficult height.
Griffith then began her approach to the bar for her first of three attempts.
Unfortunately Griffith was unable to clear this height on her first attempt.
Griffith was unable to clear 5ft on this meet, but still had a great jumping day ending with 4’10. She tied first place with some of her other Franklin teammates!
The FHS girls track team was able to pull out a strong win against KP!