Rumor Has It: The Real Deal on FHS Parking

Alycia Felli

In the midst of a new semester, rumors have been circulating Franklin High and the town alike surrounding the student parking situation at Horace Mann.

Many different scenarios have arisen, such as the raffling of Senior Project student spots, a complete ban for parking at Horace Mann, and an abundance of false claims by students and parents alike.

Sound familiar? Here’s what’s really going on.

Parking WILL be allowed at Horace Mann, but only in selected spots (indicated by signs put up by the DPW) with a permit. These permits will be allotted to students on the waiting list. In order to get on the waiting list, students must go see Mr. LeStage.

Since only a certain number of parking spots will be allowed for the high school overflow at Horace Mann, some students on the waiting list may not be awarded a spot.

Administration is looking into the possibility of allotting Senior Project student spots to the students who do not receive a parking spot at Horace Mann. If this were to be done, students who receive these spots will have to give them back to their original Senior Project owners during senior week.

As for Senior Project students who have their spots given to other students, they will be allowed to park in visitor spots during meetings with their advisors or visits back to the school.

If you do not a spot at Horace Mann or one from the Senior Project pool, the option of parking at the rink is still available. Students should be reminded that the rink is not Franklin High School’s property- therefore the rink reserves the right to refuse parking.

Mr.¬†¬†LeStage would like to remind students that “Having a parking spot is a privilege, and students that abuse the privilege will lose their parking spots.”