Student Government Working to Solve Student Issues

Arun Kavishwar, FHS Student Government Representative

As freshmen, sophomores, and juniors look forward to the end of the school year, they now have something else to look forward to. Thanks to the efforts of the Student Government and the work done by Mr. Peri, Netflix will no longer be blocked on the chromebooks over the summer.

This being said, Netflix will still be banned during the school year; this decision was made due to the unprecedented usage of Netflix during the school day when Netflix had not been banned yet. In addition, the chromebooks were purchased by the school for educational, and not entertainment, purposes. Since Netflix can be a serious distraction, students will not have access to it during the school year. However, the massive success of unblocking it during the school year is already a big achievement by the Student Government, which had been working to address students’ complaints.

Another student issue that the Student Government has been tackling is the locked courtyard. Students from all different classes found that the doors to the courtyard were locked, and not even teachers’ lanyards could be used to unlock the doors. With the recent beautiful weather, Student Government was interested in making sure that the courtyard would be accessible and usable by any class that wanted to use it. After meeting with Mr. Peri, the officers of the Student Government were able to get the idea approved by Mr. Peri. The courtyard has already been unlocked during the day, and it will now be open to allow students to travel from one side of the school to the other. With this great privilege comes responsibility, and the school just asks that students keep the courtyard clean so that it can stay a place for the school population to enjoy on nice days.

If you have any additional student issues you would like to bring to the attention of Student Government, contact Helen Huang at [email protected].