“In Control” Crash Prevention Training Coming to FHS

Ms. Letendre

SADD is sponsoring the “In Control” Crash Prevention Training again this year for students who have their learner’s permit or driver’s license on Wednesday June 7 with appointments running from 7:50 am through 1:50 pm.  Students and staff can sign up to participate in the 15 minute safe driver training.  Students are encouraged to sign up for appointment slots during their directed study or can attend during a class ONLY if the teacher has approved it.  

I participated in this short program at FHS last spring and the full program last summer and I truly learned a lot in a short period of time about safe driving in regards to braking, stopping short, and swerving.  

Here is the link to the program info for FHS.  

Students and staff can sign up using the below link.  Please make sure students and staff read the instructions and fill out the appropriate documents (waiver and survey) BEFORE the day of the program.  Let me know if you or your students have any questions.