Panther Pride Night 2018: Welcoming the Class of 2023

Panther Pride Night 2018: Welcoming the Class of 2023

Emma Nicholson, Writer

        You probably remember attending Panther Pride Night as an 8th grader-walking into a giant school, wondering how you will ever find your way around! It was a night that you most likely learned a lot about the school and the logistics of becoming a high school student, and now it’s time for us current FHS students to help a new group of students with that same transition.

On the evening of November 1st, Franklin High School will host Panther Pride Night for all incoming 8th graders and their parents. Though you most likely do not need to attend the event, it is important to know the details for everyone who will be representing their club or activity, or are involved in peer leaders, national honor societies, music department, etc.

Panther Pride Night will begin at 5:30 PM, and usually runs until about 7:30. It is recommended that if you are representing an activity, you arrive early to help set up. Clubs and activities will be set up in the Gymnasium, and usually have posters, tri-folds, or some sort of display to represent the club. Make sure to make your display interactive and exciting-remember, you want students to be excited about coming to FHS! Be sure to discuss the event with your club and activity members to get ideas for the    event and how you would like to display your group, whether it be with a video, interactive display, etc. 

Mr. Peri and Mr. Klements will start the event with a short introduction presentation in the auditorium running until about 5:45; you can expect to start getting visitors to your table about that time. When meeting incoming students, be sure to introduce your club or activity, and speak highly of the school. Remember, you are representing FHS! It is also important to answer any questions the students may have, even if they are unrelated to your specific event. Just remember that it was once you standing on the other side of the table.

Students representing 40% at Panther Pride Night in 2017.

Additionally, make sure that your club or activity has been approved by administration for the evening, which should be done by this week.  If you have any questions about Panther Pride, please contact Ms. Woelflein, Ms. Whipple, or Mr. St. Bernard.