Empty Bowls Rock the Holidays


Megan Torrey, Editor

On Monday, December 17, 2018, the Empty Bowls Club held a holiday party to celebrate their progress so far in the school year while continuing to make bowls for their annual fundraiser.

With holiday break just around the corner, members of the Empty Bowls club brought in some of their favorite snacks and desserts to share with the rest of the club. These goodies included chips, pretzels, cookies, rice krispies, lemonade, apple juice, and pizza! Before the members dug into the snacks, they created small pinch pots to add to their collection of bowls that would be displayed in the spring. “It’s a really exciting time of the year for the Empty Bowls Club,” Ms. Johnson announced at the beginning of the meeting. She added that she was “very excited” to see everyone celebrate the holidays together and be able to inform everyone on the clubs progress towards their yearly goal.

Chloe Naff, a junior at FHS making a small pinch pot during their meeting on Monday.

Every Monday, the Empty Bowls Club meets in the ceramics room to make bowls, glaze them, and make new friends in the classroom. The clubs motto is “somewhere, someone’s bowl is empty” which is part of the clubs mission. Students join the club to fight hunger in local communities, especially in Franklin. Chloe Naff, a junior at FHS states that she “loves being able to help her community in her own school”. She also “loves being able to make bowls every week and get to hang out with friends after school”.

For the last three years, members have come together to serve soup, display bowls, and serve cookies to the public. This year, the Empty Bowls fundraiser is set for Thursday, May 2nd, 2019. Also, members throughout the school year create items to auction off at the dinner. All of the proceeds go towards the Franklin Food Pantry, which provides Franklin families with fresh food, animal food, and other personal products on a day to day basis.

According to Ms. Johnson and the EB club officers, the club still has about 300 bowls to make by May 2019, but with the motivation to help each other and the community, the members will easily reach their goal.

For more information about Empty Bowls and their fight to end hunger, visit their twitter page here.