Light Up A Life 2019

Emma Nicholson

This week will be the final week of Peer Leaders Light Up a Life collection!

With the holiday season upon us, many students are looking forward to winter break, celebrating with their families, and holiday cheer. However for some families it is not easy to gain access to the basic necessities around the holiday season.

Light Up a Life is an annual project run by the Peer Leaders in partnership with the Santa Foundation in Franklin. The mission of the Santa Foundation is to provide local families in need with a chance to feel like any other family during the holidays and give them the ability to have a happier season.

Peer leaders will be collecting monetary donations from students throughout the next week, with all donations going towards the purchase of gifts/necessities. These gifts will then be donated to the Santa Foundation which distributes them to the respective families.

Donations can also be made through UniBank through this link:

One of the special aspects of this project is that Peer Leaders will be given specific wishlists for families. These lists are provided directly by the families, so students know the direct impact of their gifts.

To add an element of competition, there will be four zones of classrooms competing to raise money for Light Up a Life. See the chart below to find out where your E Period classroom falls.

The class in each division that has the highest total will receive munchkins as a prize. The class that has the overall highest total will win a pizza party! This competition will continue for every day that Peer Leaders collects money, so bring in your donations to beat out the other classes.

Peer leaders will be collecting through the end of this week. This project has a huge impact on local families in need and would not be possible without the support of the Franklin High School community.