The ADL’s Impact on the Freshmen Class

Cameron Sawyer, Writer

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Club at Franklin High School has been teaching fair treatment and justice-based lessons in freshmen advisories.

Every other Thursday, members of the ADL Club teach informative and interactive lessons that strive to achieve a brighter and more inclusive world. 

Freshman Tess Bower, former ADL Peer Leader, notices that the lessons can guide people to a better path and ultimately make someone a better person. They have made her more aware and remind her of what goes on in the world.

Tess thinks that the lessons are interesting and very informative. The interactive activities help her to understand the lessons. It also keeps her full attention on the World of Difference Leaders and not be bored or disconnected.

For the first time being taught the lessons, she believes that they are refreshing and interesting. She truly gravitated towards the lessons when she had to apply what she learned in a real-life situation.

The ADL’s World of Difference Club at Franklin High strives to fight anti-Semitic acts and also strives to secure justice and fair treatment to all. According to the ADL, they notice that actions are affected by words and attitudes. They believe that everyone has an impact on others and also on the world in which they live. 

By going into Freshman advisories, the ADL Club strives to empower young people with constructive responses to combat anti-Semitism. With their advisors, Ms. Martin and Mrs. Calcagno guiding them, the ADL Club will continue to teach impactful lessons to the FHS school community.