Are You Ready For Franklin’s Virtual Spirit Week?


Elise Ravech, Writer

With the Corona Virus reeking havoc in everyone’s daily lives is it important that we all stay connected through social media and push through as a community! Franklin students and faculty has decided to do a Virtual Spirit Week with all four classes and even the faculty.

Here are the themes for the hype spirit week from home!

Meme Monday (3/30)  – Pick your favorite meme and match it as best you can!

Twin Tuesday (3/31)  – This can be either with another student or even a faculty member!

PJ Wednesday (4/1)  – This one should be easy since we should all be practicing social distancing and staying inside!

Throwback Thursday (4/2) – Pick your favorites from any past decade or year and put them together!

Franklin Friday (4/3) – Get all your FHS gear and show your school spirit!

In order to get your awesome outfit accounted for you must write the day and tag Peer Leaders on twitter @FHSPeerLeaders. Also tag your class twitter, each class twitter will be located below! If you are a staff member then tag @FranklinHS! Don’t forget to include the important hashtag! #FHSVSW

Freshman Twitter – 2023_fhs

Sophomore Twitter – FHS_2022

Junior Twitter – FHS_ClassOf2021

Senior Twitter – FHS2020_

Best of luck to both students and faculty hope to see some awesome virtual spirit outfits!