Against the Tide – Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition!

Elise Ravech, Writer

Interested in helping an amazing cause while benefiting your physical health? Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, also known as MBCC does an annual event called Against The Tide. MBCC is actually the only non-profit in the state that is dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer from environmental cases. The funds raised from this event help support and explain their community education program!

MBCC informs you of all types of breast cancer, signs-and-symptoms, statistics, and even ways to reduce your exposure. Their mission statement is this, “Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition is dedicated to preventing environmental causes of breast cancer through community education, research advocacy, and changes to public policy.”

Their goals are strong and aspiring as they want to create the public and political will to eradicate breast cancer, truly focus on environmental links to breast cancer that will lead to primary prevention of breast cancer. They importantly wanted to reject the concept of breast cancer as a chronic disease along with dispel myths and misconceptions about the realities of the breast cancer epidemic. They also want to challenge the commercialization of breast cancer and the use of pink ribbon products as the solution to the breast cancer epidemic.

Through this event there are many options that you can sign up for, whichever your strength is! Recently due to Covid they have ensured all events will be virtual, so no one feels at risk. This allows everyone to still participate in this amazing event! Normally participants would be in person meeting at the beach. With all events being virtual they have had to make adjustments, but ensure people are still able to compete!

All participants will receive a Participant Fun Pack! Included will be an event t-shirt, swim cap or bib, participant medal, and other sponsored items! They will also provide instructions on how to submit your results with receipt of registration.

If you register for any of the events your name will be entered and you may win this very cool Speedo Package!

These events are as followed:

  • Competitive 1 Mile Swim
  • 5K Run (USA Track and Field Certified)
  • 10k Run (Also USA Track and Field Certified)
  • Aquathon 5K – Competitive 1 Mile Swim then a 5K run
  • Aquathon 10K – Competitive 1 mile swim followed by a 10K run
  • 3 mile Walk
  • USMS Sanctioned 1 Mile Swim
  • Kids Fun Run – Hopkinton Only
  • 1/2 Mile Stand Up Paddle Board
  • Recreation 1/2 Mile or 1 Mile Swim
  • Recreational 2 Mile Kayak

The Registration Fees are as followed:

  • One Event: Adults $40 – Students $25*
  • Two Events: Adults $80 – Students $50*
  • Three Events: Adults $120 – Students $75*
  • Four Events: Adults $160 – Students $100*
  • USMS Sanctioned Swim: Adults $60**
  • Kids Fun Run: Children 10yrs and Older $10*
  • Virtual Events: Individual Registration $40 – Family Registration $100

*Children under 10yrs old may participate for free. Students must email [email protected] in order to get their discount code!

** If you want to register for a USMS Sanctioned Swim and other event components, you will have to create two separate registrations (1 for the Sanctioned Swim and 1 for all over event components).

However, there is a lot more information on their website, regarding all of the specific dates for the events for both the in-person and virtual events for Against The Tide! If you are just interested in learning more from their website click here!